Some super entries to our Superhero & Sidekick drawing comp

Noah Baker and Craig Johnstone entry

Congratulations Noah & Craig!


We are so pleased to announce the winner of the drawing comp we’ve run this last month.

LB Noah Baker, 8, and BB Craig Johnstone worked together on an idea (above) then Noah got it down on paper…quite brilliantly!

Mum Kathryn explains that the pair wanted to create music superheroes who are saving the world with their music. Noah made himself a Rainbow DJ Robot and incorporated colours and clothing he liked. He made Craig into a Scotsbot, rolling Craig’s Scottish heritage and his love for Angus from ACDC into one ‘bot’. How cool!!

We also have the work of some fabulous Runners-Up to showcase:

Young Malachai, 9, created a superhero styled weapon that’s sure to help in crime fighting around the galaxy! Thank you Malachai – great work.

LB Kolten, 11, did a stunning sketch of an evil villain, with his sidekick eagle, set against an eerie backdrop. Great imagination Kolten.

LB Kuga, 13, gave us a super-accurate sketch-and- colour of one of Marvel’s (and every boy’s) favourite heroes, Iron Man. Great skill Kuga- Thank You.

Last but not least (!) a big thanks to Kuga’s Big Buddy Josh, for his loveable yet scarey, unforgettable superhero, The Hulk! We love it.

There is a treat for all of these entries, and a special prize for the winners. Look out for an update via email and social media – we’re planning to post out mid-May.

A huge thanks to all the Big Buddies, Mums and Grans who encouraged boys to have a go at this fun, rewarding exercise.

If you have any questions about the comp please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sally at [email protected]

We’ll be in touch soon!

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