Christmas Cards

Every year we write a unique Christmas message that goes out to all our Big & Little Buddies; mothers & caregivers; funders & sponsors; friends and supporters. It’s our way of acknowledging the year that has been and sending you our hopes and wishes for the year to come. It’s a great time for reflection – to step back from busy lives and tune into what really matters in the human story. We hope you enjoy our messages. If you want to receive our Christmas message, please join our newsletter at bottom of page.

2006 Christmas message

Well, here we are again friend – Christmas time. Our planet has circled the sun once more, bringing us safely home to this ancient marker in our year, heralded in Aotearoa by the blood-rimmed tide of Pohutukawa flowering around our coasts – a firefly sign of the long, warm days to come.

2005 Christmas message

Trying to get to the heart of Christmas is not easy but somewhere under all that pudding-laden present bearing Santa reindeer mistletoed remote controlled 42 inch plasma super sized Christmas madness beats the heart of an idea so simple – so profound – it is scary.