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You can help give more fatherless boys the benefit of great mentoring by becoming a Friend of Big Buddy with a monthly donation.


Me and my Big Buddy are going to be friends forever.” - Ten-year-old Little Buddy

A long-term, stable relationship with a committed male role model can make all the difference to a fatherless boy. Having a Big Buddy that they know they can turn to, who will help them make the right decisions as they grow up and that they can look up to and learn from, can influence their whole life.

There is compelling evidence showing that fatherless boys are heavily overrepresented in criminal statistics. NZ Chief Youth Court Judge, Andrew Becroft, in a speech at Parliament a few years ago identified six characteristics of serious youth offenders. These included that “85 percent are male [and] the majority have no contact with their father”.

He continued, “most young criminals lack a positive male role model. Boys of the 14, 15, 16 age group … they seek out male role models like heat seeking missiles. Is it going to be an antisocial peer who's committed 30 burglaries? … Is it the leader of the local gang? … So many of the young men I see in the Youth Court simply don’t have a meaningful relationship with their dad (who’s long gone if they ever knew him) or any positive male role model figure.”

With a committed male role model in their lives, the path that fatherless boys choose for their life can look very different. Our experience since 1997 has been that fatherless boys matched with mentors develop into well-rounded individuals, capable of reaching their full potential. Their confidence and sense of self-worth is improved with mentoring. We have also noticed a change in their sense of community from the older boys; they are less self-centred, more open to finding their place in the community and willing to be of service.

You can help give more fatherless boys the benefit of great mentoring by becoming a Friend of Big Buddy with a monthly donation.

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By becoming a Friend of Big Buddy with a monthly gift, you will:
  • Help recruit, screen and train good men to become Big Buddies
  • Provide support for both Big and Little Buddies as they develop their relationship into a real and lasting one
  • Have a huge impact on the lives of fatherless boys as they navigate the maze of growing up to become a good man

In return, you will receive regular updates on how your gift is helping improve the lives of fatherless boys. But, most importantly, you will know that you’re helping make a difference to our society.

How much should I give?

The simple answer is whatever you can afford and are comfortable giving. There is no set amount and every dollar will help improve the lives of fatherless boys. As a guide, we think that around $1 per day, or $30 per month, is affordable for most people, but please choose your gift based on your own circumstances.

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