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“I can’t believe a dad wants to hang out with me...I know he’s not my dad, but he’s a dad!” - Eight-year-old Little Buddy

Having a Big Buddy in his life makes an invaluable contribution to a fatherless boy. Knowing that a good man wants to spend time with him helps him develop his confidence and raises his self-esteem. He gets to learn the positive behaviours and characteristics of being a good man.

Why Support Big Buddy?

Your generous gift will help recruit, screen and train good men to become Big Buddies. You’ll be supporting them throughout the matching process and beyond as they get to know their Little Buddies.

You can either make a one-off donation below, or become a Friend of Big Buddy with a monthly donation that will support the continuous and ongoing work needed to make the biggest impact.

Because of you, a fatherless boy will have a great mentor alongside him as he navigates the twists and turns of growing up – a man who can help him choose the right path for their life.

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