Find a Mentor

Find a Mentor

If you’re the single mother or female carer of a fatherless boy between 7 and 14 years of age, know that Big Buddy can help you find a safe, man of good character to mentor him. Parenting  alone can be tough, but having a Big Buddy can ease that challenge and promote confidence and happiness in your boy. We take referrals from social agencies and schools too.

Why boys need mentors

When we refer to fatherless boys, we mean boys who have no contact, or no regular contact, with their dads. The reasons why that father is not around doesn’t matter to us, but how we can help make his son’s life better does matter.

Mums, aunties and grans do a courageous job of rearing boys alone. But women aren't able ‘model’ the maleness that is proven to teach boys how to become men. In psychological terms, modelling means what a person learns from watching and being around others.

Big Buddy provides this framework by matching boys with a male mentor for roughly 2-3 hours a week for at least one year. We’ve found over time that the hunger boys have for recognition and attention from a man is satisfied in this short, focused space of time. Mum’s tell us their boys are more content, more confident and overall happier people.

How do we get started?

Rest assured that we are consistently recruiting and rigorously screening men from the community to become trusted mentors. At the same time, we’re spending time with mums and boys so we can carefully match Big and Little Buddy’s personalities and interests. We focus on creating ‘matches’ that bring out the best in boys.

Once you contact us, we’ll find out a little more about each other, then make time to meet you and your boy. We'll find out enough about you both to hopefully get started on finding the right Big Buddy for you.

Big Buddy is a charitable trust that carries out this important work funded by sponsors, funders and donors throughout New Zealand. Because of this generosity, there is no charge of any kind to Big and Little Buddies and their families. Becoming part of the Big Buddy community would make a huge difference to your boy’s life and one of the amazing things about it is…it’s free.

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We help mums, carers, social agencies and even schools find mentors for their boys

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Benefits for boys

Studies show that boys in female only households are more likely to miss opportunities to take risks; men tend to encourage boys to take risks in order to discover their own limits and then judge risk better in future. This was also evident in a Horizon Research survey commissioned in 2013: 73% of Little Buddies reported feeling more confident to try new things since getting a mentor, and 79% of their carers said outcomes had improved in general, the most positive change being in their self-confidence.

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