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Make the Match

Big Buddy matches well-screened volunteer male mentors with fatherless boys aged approx. 7-14. Once you’ve gone through the application/screening process and are accepted as a Big Buddy, you will be carefully matched with a Little Buddy. The matching process is based on a combination of personality knowledge, negotiation and intuition, which our coordinators have learned to trust. There is a 3 month trial period but you need to think of making a commitment to meet weekly for at least a year.

Explore the world

You would normally pick the Little Buddy up from his home and go out somewhere. It’s a good chance to explore the world; maybe try things you haven’t had time for before. You don’t need to entertain each other; simply hanging out together is fine.

big buddy day out 2011 Sea, sun and surf are all part of the annual Big Buddy Day Out experience. Long Bay, Auckland 2011

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Mentoring in our DNA

Mentors for fatherless boys Big Day Out
Egg throwing at Big Buddy Day Out. Long Bay, Auckland 2011.
The winners got up to a 20 metre throw!

We don’t ‘train’ men to be mentors because we believe men already know how to do it - we’ve been looking after the young fellas for 100,000 years, so it’s in our bones; in our DNA. Simple as that. But what we will do is match you with care and skill to the right boy, and we'll support and stand fully behind you. We will put you in contact with some of the hundreds of other Big Buddies on our programme and once a year we'll all get together for a Big Buddy Day Out. What we ask of you is that you show up regularly.


 Change lives

Most Buddies see the relationship lasting for life, however it will change over time. You may see more or less of each other as the years go by, but both of your lives will be different for having met each other.

Ferrari Day for mentors and boys
Ferrari Day is always popular and this year was no exception. Pukekohe, Auckland 2012

For more information about becoming a Big Buddy mentor go to MENTOR SELECTION.  More questions? Go to FAQs

What's the next step?

Contact us to take the next step in becoming a mentor and changing lives.


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