Mentor Selection Process

Big Buddy developed a robust, world-leading screening process. It may seem long-winded but don’t be put off by it – the fact is we do have to be very sure you are a man of good character who will be a solid role model to a Little Buddy. Our approach is to screen once and do it well. You’ll know you’re not joining a group with ‘bad apples’ in it – that you’ll have our full support because we know we can trust you.

Screening process

This is how it works:

  • We make sure you can commit to spending 2-3 hours a week with a Little Buddy – remember they have probably experienced upheaval and let downs in their young lives and don’t need any more.
  • Secondly, we need to make sure you understand the aims of the programme.
  • Then you to fill out an Application Form, including character references (personal and professional) and a reference clearance from your doctor. We’ll check them out and for obvious reasons we’ll do a Police Check.
  • The next step is a Personal Interview and a Psychological Assessment - don’t be daunted by this; think of it as a Warrant of Fitness check up!
  • An induction training session comes next before a ‘match’ is negotiated between you and the mother or caregiver of a Little Buddy. We take you round to the Little Buddy’s home to meet him and his mum just so everyone can get a sense of if it will work or not. At any stage, who we match you with is your choice.
  • Then you’re away – you and your Little Buddy will start meeting weekly, doing all sorts of fun things that will be rewarding for both of you.
  • You’ll be supported with monthly phone calls and any other support you need; if a problem you can’t handle crops up, we’re only a phone call away.
  • We will also connect you to other Big Buddies in your area through regular mentor meetings and occasional Big Buddy outings.

Big Buddy 360° screening process – a great WoF

Big Buddy, how we screen mentors for boys

The main point of the screening process is to ensure our mentors are not likely to abuse a Little Buddy. 95% of men are safe, but our job is to identify the 5% who are not. Remember you don't have to be a saint either - we are just checking for safety, which we believe you'll understand.

Once we know you are safe, we fully trust you and don't need to be looking over your shoulder.

Many of our mentors really like the fact we screen so well because they don't want to be associated with anything dodgy.

Great rewards

Fortunately, we can guarantee the rewards of mentoring will outweigh the process of becoming one! Our mentors are surprised how easy it is; the Little Buddy just becomes a part of your life as if he had always been there.

If you’ve got questions about becoming a Big Buddy mentor we haven’t covered, go to FAQs  or  CONTACT US.