Benefits for boys

Having a Big Buddy mentor will make a significant difference to both you and your boy’s lives. Mums and caregivers tell us their sons are:

  • Less angry
  • More loving towards their siblings
  • Laugh more
  • Not sad anymore
  • More motivated
  • Doing much better at school

Win-win situation

We have even seen improvements in some boys’ health! Mums say that one of the bonuses of having a Big Buddy mentor is that it makes their job easier – as boys feel better about themselves, the mother-son relationship improves. That’s got to be good!

Scott and Robbie with their go cart

Explore the world

And boys, you’ll have fun! Once you get to know each other, you’ll explore with your Big Buddy – doing all sorts of things you may have wanted to try but haven’t had anyone to do them with. Maybe you can go fishing with your Big Buddy ... or bike riding ... bush walking ... visit a museum ... make a go kart ... help fix a car. It's up to you and your Big Buddy what you do. Your imagination is the limit!

For a man to be interested in your son’s well-being is wonderful. I have seen his confidence grow…he has a real friend...something to look forward to…they have so much fun together, it goes both ways, you can see it in their eyes, they both have a ball. Big Buddy is invaluable and so needed ... he used to break my heart because he was missing something … its been a relief for me to stop feeling guilty that I can’t provide that something that his Big Buddy can give him. Even my daughter gets exposed to a good man that takes an interest. All the skills he’s learned are great, it’s expanded his world … he’s got a different attitude, he’s a happy boy.” Sharon McQuinn