Big Buddy works on the simple philosophy that boys develop more confidence and resilience when they have a positive male role model to look up to.

WestPac business Awards for Community Service 2020

Welcome to Big Buddy

Big Buddy matches kind-hearted men with boys who do not have a father in their lives, so they can enjoy male friendship, guidance, someone to look up to and maybe even kick a ball round with. Our Big Buddies are thoroughly screened and then matched with a Little Buddy of 7-14 years of age. This commitment makes a huge positive both lives!

Find a Big Buddy

Are you mothering or caring for a boy between 7 and 14 years of age, whose father is not in his life? There are many reasons that his father may not be around, but Big Buddy may be able to help.

Become a Big Buddy

If you are a man with a good heart and a couple of hours to spare each week, you could make a huge difference to a boy whose dad is not around. More than 800 men have made a positive difference by being Big Buddy. It's a rewarding experience for all!

Support Big Buddy

The positive difference Big Buddy makes is the result of many. Big Buddy is incredibly grateful to the support of our corporate partners, sponsors and regular givers who better boys' lives each day.

Selflessness – Starting Young

One of our youngest ever donors melted our hearts recently! At just 9-years-old, Macklin Devlin gave up receiving presents for his birthday, instead creating a...

A Mum’s story – How Big Buddy helped extend her village

Mum Angela Smith made a very moving speech at a recent fundraising lunch we thought was too good not to re-share. Here is an abridged...

A story of transformation through Big Buddy

Wellington Mum Kendall has kindly agreed to share her story of the difference Big Buddy has made in the lives of her two now grown-up...

A little about our radio ads inspired by 'Jimmy'


In summer 2019, with the help of a very kind donor, Big Buddy was able to commission a Mediaworks radio ad set to help more boys without dads. The Mediaworks team were a great help in working with us on a script inspired by an anonymous poem from our archives. The voices are all fresh from the Big Buddy community: Little Buddy Aidan Morrison is Jimmy; his Big Buddy and regular radio-pro Roman Travers does the man's voice over; and BB Media & Communications Coordinator Sally Webster dusted off her voice for the female part. Listen to the studio recordings below.

Why mentoring matters

“My son has a Big Buddy and I couldn't speak more highly of this organisation. They are making real differences in the lives of so many young boys. I adore the happiness and confidence that our Big Buddy brings to my son. Definitely worth the reward if you are someone who can give a few hours a week to make a massive difference in some boy’s life.”


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