Big Buddy works on the simple philosophy that boys develop more confidence and resilience when they have a positive male role model to look up to.

Welcome to Big Buddy

Some boys  don't have a dad in their lives. So Big Buddy finds kind-hearted mentors to spend a little time with them each weekend. We are a free, secular charity that thoroughly screens men from the community, then matches them with a Little Buddy between 7 and 14 years of age. This small commitment makes a huge difference...to both lives!

Find a mentor

Are you mothering or caring for a boy between 7 and 14 years of age, whose father is not in his life? We know you do a courageous job, but time and again, women like you tell us something is missing in our boy's lives. Big Buddy may be able to help.

Become a mentor

Are you a man with a good heart and a spare 2 or 3 hours a week for at least a year? You could make a big difference to a boy whose dad is not around and become one of over 800 men already making a positive impact on boys' lives today.

Become a supporter

These days, business and charity go hand in hand. More and more organisations want to assist non-profits in achieving their social goals. Big Buddy is incredibly grateful to every organisation or person who supports us in bettering boys' lives in this way.

Exploring, growing, relating

Here's a great reminder of what Big Buddies do best, from the 2016 archives:  A year is a long time in a 13-year-old boy's life...

Gabriel and Greg side by side since 2010

Having a Big Buddy is knowing there is always someone in your corner. LB, Gabriel (11) and his BB, Greg have been matched since 2010...

Big Buddy; straight from the horse’s mouth

FROM THE 2015 ARCHIVES We all remember doing speeches in school, and we all know the best kinds of speeches are the ones about the...

A little about our radio ads inspired by 'Jimmy'

Roman and Aidan streetfront photo

In summer 2019, with the help of a very kind donor, Big Buddy was able to commission a Mediaworks radio ad set to help more boys without dads. The Mediaworks team were a great help in working with us on a script inspired by an anonymous poem from our archives. The voices are all fresh from the Big Buddy community: Little Buddy Aidan Morrison is Jimmy; his Big Buddy and regular radio-pro Roman Travers does the man's voice over; and BB Media & Communications Coordinator Sally Webster dusted off her voice for the female part. Listen to the studio recordings below.

Why mentoring matters

“My son has a Big Buddy and I couldn't speak more highly of this organisation. They are making real differences in the lives of so many young boys. I adore the happiness and confidence that our Big Buddy brings to my son. Definitely worth the reward if you are someone who can give a few hours a week to make a massive difference in some boy’s life.”


#3lifelessons reveals the simplicity of mentoring

In 2018 Big Buddy picked five of our smashing mentors to showcase the #3lifelessons they aim to leave their Little Buddies with through life. One of Big Buddy's  brilliant screening psychotherapists, John Bryant, points out that a lot of these lessons are learnt subconsciously, as part of a 'walking alongside' model of mentoring, rather than a 'fixing' approach. This is exactly what these good men reiterate in a variety of takes on their #3lifelessons.

A huge thanks to Builder and Mentor, Alan Ball; Client Service Manager and Mentor, Peter Dix; Lawn Mowing Contractor and Mentor, Bern Green; Procurement Manager and Mentor, Eugene Lowrie; and Truck Driver and Mentor, Gavin Sheehan.

Look out for these guys on Facebook, Instagram at @bigbuddynz.