We match boys living without dads with positive male role models. This connection makes a huge positive difference... to both their lives!

Hey Buddy!

When a boy is matched with a Big Buddy something magical happens. Our ambassador, Roman Travers has been a Big Buddy for 6 years and shares his story with another of our ambassadors, Jason Gunn.

Trans-Tasman Row

Big Buddy Blair is taking on the challenge of rowing 1892km to raise funds to match an extra 15 boys with a Big Buddy. Find out how you can support him.

About Big Buddy

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Find out more about the positive difference these relationships make to both the Big and Little Buddies.

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Are you mothering or caring for a boy between 7 and 14 years of age, whose father is not in his life? There are many reasons that his father may not be around, but Big Buddy may be able to help.

Become a Big Buddy

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If you are a man with a good heart and a couple of hours to spare each week, you could make a huge difference to a boy whose dad is not around. More than 800 men have made a positive difference by being Big Buddy. It's a rewarding experience for all!

Become a Partner

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The positive difference Big Buddy makes is the result of many. Big Buddy is incredibly grateful for the support of our corporate partners and sponsors who help betters boys' lives every day.

Why mentoring matters

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