Big Buddy works on the simple philosophy that boys develop more confidence and resilience when they have a positive male role model to learn from.

Welcome to Big Buddy

Some boys  don't have a dad in their lives. So Big Buddy finds kind-hearted mentors to spend a little time with them each weekend. We are a free, secular charity that thoroughly screens men from the community, then matches them with a Little Buddy between 7 and 14 years of age. This small commitment makes a huge difference...to both lives!

Find a mentor

Are you mothering or caring for a fatherless boy between 7 and 14 years of age? When fathers are missing from boy's lives, women usually take the full responsibility of bringing sons up alone.  They do a courageous job, but boys benefit greatly from time with a man of good character who can actually 'model' maleness.

Become a mentor

Are you a kind-hearted man who wants to make a difference to a boy whose dad is not in his life? Do you have a drivers licence, a spare 2 or 3 hours a week, and the ability to commit to that for at least a year? Read on and become one of over 800 men already making a positive impact on boys' lives today.

Become a supporter

Big Buddy is incredibly grateful to all the people and businesses who support us in bettering fatherless boys' lives. If you'd like to support this incredibly worthy cause there are many ways to do it. You can become a donor, a sponsor, leave a bequest or simply spread the word to help us find mentors and funders.

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Why mentoring matters

“My son has a Big Buddy and I couldn't speak more highly of this organisation. They are making real differences in the lives of so many young boys. I adore the happiness and confidence that our Big Buddy brings to my son. Definitely worth the reward if you are someone who can give a few hours a week to make a massive difference in some boy’s life.”


#3lifelessons reveals the simplicity of mentoring

In 2018 Big Buddy picked five of our smashing mentors to showcase the #3lifelessons they aim to leave their Little Buddies with through life. One of Big Buddy's  brilliant screening psychotherapists, John Bryant, points out that a lot of these lessons are learnt subconsciously, as part of a 'walking alongside' model of mentoring, rather than a 'fixing' approach. This is exactly what these good men reiterate in a variety of takes on their #3lifelessons.

A huge thanks to Builder and Mentor, Alan Ball; Client Service Manager and Mentor, Peter Dix; Lawn Mowing Contractor and Mentor, Bern Green; Procurement Manager and Mentor, Eugene Lowrie; and Truck Driver and Mentor, Gavin Sheehan.

Look out for these guys on Facebook, Instagram at @bigbuddynz.