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At Big Buddy we love hearing your stories. Being and having a Big Buddy makes a positive difference, and so too does sharing some of those moments. Feel free to tag us on Facebook or/and send your own stories in here.  

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Finding Your Person

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mothers! This week we celebrate...

Spreading Good Karma

Big Buddy Tony Lennon has a very busy life. He...

All About the Kicks

Since being matched in 2020, Little Buddy Maze and Big...

Giving Back as a Big Buddy

Ed Ackman has been a Big Buddy to Marshall (12),...

Time for an adventure!

We love sharing exciting summer activities! Little Buddy Luca had...

Selflessness – Starting Young

One of our youngest ever donors melted our hearts recently!...

A Mum’s story – How Big Buddy helped extend her village

Mum Angela Smith made a very moving speech at a...

A story of transformation through Big Buddy

Wellington Mum Kendall has kindly agreed to share her story...

Big Buddy Perspectives

When we talk to families involved in the Big Buddy...

Big Buddy Day Out Hamilton – Tag you’re it!

Recently, before we found ourselves in Level 4, our Hamilton...

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