Like your donation, a Big Buddy makes an invaluable contribution to a fatherless boy. Knowing that a kind man wants to spend time with him helps our Little Buddies to develop confidence and self-esteem, ultimately leading to better outcomes in his life. Your generosity continues to make this difference.

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Big Buddy is incredibly grateful for every donation we receive. Your financial gift supports the continuation and expansion of our program; our highest vision is that every fatherless boy in New Zealand has a positive male role model.

Statistics and stories continue to show that the presence of a mentor in a boy's life brings about increased confidence and general well-being. Many mums and female carers say that their son is, quite simply, far happier since having a Big Buddy.

By making a gift today you will be helping us to identify boys in need, find good-hearted men and support a match that could change a young boy's life forever.

For an in-depth understanding of our program visit our FAQs. Alternatively, to talk with us about making a donation, call our Partnership Manager, Lettie Bright on 021 818 307.

Selfie fun

“Gabriel has someone with whom he can discuss all sorts of things that I know nothing about and am unable to help him with. We are always saying 'we'll ask Greg about that'! Gabriel looks forward very much to his Sunday meetings with Greg. It was really touching when he was younger, the way he would be excited every week when it came near the weekend. Greg is a very steadying and reliable influence in Gabriel's life.” BIG BUDDY MUM

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