Today, you can help to change a boy’s life forever. By donating, you will help a boy whose dad is not around to find a man he can trust and look up to, a Big Buddy. Over 21 years of experience shows that by simply showing up each week, Big Buddies give boys support and encouragement to be the best they can be.

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They say it takes a village…  we invite you to be part of ours.

Like you, the Big Buddy community is passionate about making a positive difference to the lives of Kiwi boys who grow up without their dad. By making a regular donation, you can do just that!

Regular feedback from mums and grans shows that having a Big Buddy helps a boy grow confidence, see the world differently, and feel a lot happier! Just by spending a few hours a week together, kicking a ball, building something or even climbing a tree, all these good things happen.

Your monthly gift will help identify the boys that are in need, find good-hearted men and support a Big and Little Buddy match that will change a young boy's life for good.

“Gabriel has someone with whom he can discuss all sorts of things that I know nothing about and am unable to help him with. We are always saying 'we'll ask Greg about that'! Gabriel looks forward very much to his Sunday meetings with Greg. It was really touching when he was younger, the way he would be excited every week when it came near the weekend. Greg is a very steadying and reliable influence in Gabriel's life.” BIG BUDDY MUM

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