Trusts, Foundations and other Funders

The funding we receive from grants, trusts and the government is invaluable. Along with donations and partnerships, this funding allows us to deliver this positive, preventative program that makes such a positive difference to the lives of boys whose dads are not around.

Thank you to our funders

Applying to philanthropic trusts and other organisations for funding is a must for all charities, and Big Buddy is no exception.

A specialist member of our team has the responsibility of this valuable work; Russell Joyce works with a wide range of organisations to help them see the value that the Big Buddy program brings to boys, mums, grans, families, workplaces, communities and more!

Unfortunately, in 2016 funding from the government slid to just an 8% contribution to our costs, so the generous decisions of our funders really do make the difference to growing our village.

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Would you also like to support Big Buddy?

You may not have a grant or fund to share with us, but you can make a heartfelt contribution through donating to our work. 

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