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We love engaging in Partner Projects such as the Big Buddy Big Auction, the Joylab or Fantail & Turtle fundraiser lunches, or Round the Bays. All these efforts make a huge difference to boys without fathers in their lives. We're always keen to hear ideas on how we can do more for our community through partnering with business!

Big Buddy Big Auction

GJ new home 2019 nov 7 or 8 post

The GJ Gardner Big Buddy Big Auctions have made a huge, positive difference to boys without fathers in their lives. Originally a collaboration between GJ's and Thompsons ITM, this project has seen the proceeds of three homes contribute over $400,000 to the Big Buddy cause. Specifically, the 2017 and 2020 sales in Hamilton and South Auckland enabled us to extend our service as far as Franklin in Auckland, and Hamilton in the Waikato.

The Waiata Shores home pictured to the left, is the recent product of Papakura Franchisee Mike O' Meeghan's team generosity and workmanship. Big Buddy was thrilled to receive over $100,000 from this project. Read the full story here. 

Fantail & Turtle lunches

general auction scene at Fand T

Fantail and Turtle is situated on the North Shore of Auckland, right in the middle of Takapuna's bustling Goodside at Smales Farm. This bar and eatery is a valued and consistent supporter of the Big Buddy cause.

In September 2019, their first fundraiser lunch was sold out weeks before the event, and raised over $40,000 towards matching more men with more boys. Businesses and individuals alike thoroughly enjoy a sumptuous luncheon event for a worthy cause - it's fun, it's social, and everyone knows they are making a difference.

Kapura Golf Day

Steve, Guy, Malcom and Alan at Kapura Golf fundraiser 2019

At the end of 2019, members of the Big Big Buddy village were lucky enough to join in a stellar golf day at Wellington's Boulcott's Farm.

This was organised by one of our (now) Principal Partners, Kapura - many will still know them as the Wellington Hospitality Group.

Together, everyone who attended raised $40,000 - not a bad result for a sunny day on the green! This sum is already making a hugely positive difference to boys without fathers in their lives. You can also watch the video on Facebook feed.

Round the Bays

paul and tony with cheque

It was such a pleasure to be invited to be one of three New Zealand charities for the Ports of Auckland Round the Bays, 2019. Seacleaners and Diabetes Auckland were our proud co-charities.

Through those raising money and wearing our orange themed T-shirts we raised $6,000! On top of that, we were given $20,000 from Round the Bays, which was both a donation and to cover marketing efforts to boost our place on the Auckland charity map. What a worthwhile project.

Special thanks to top fundraisers Shane Brown, Ivan Alexandrov and Samantha Miles who each won a Spark Nokia 1 smartphone each, donated by Spark NZ. 

Joylab lunches

lula inn cheque barworks

The range of generous-hearted Joylab bar and restaurateurs were the first people to create the Big Buddy fundraising lunch. Since 2016, several events at various Auckland venues have raised almost $100,000, as well as putting the needs of boys without dads centre-stage.

Big Buddy Foundation members like AB legend Grant Fox are always keen to lend their name and wisdom to such events, as are other past sporting greats. Together, owners and patrons have made a big difference to many lives.

ITM Supercars

landscape colin and nic

As a past Partner of Big Buddy ,ITM have made a huge difference to the Big Buddy cause since 2016. As well as being a key partner in the Big Buddy Big Auctions, ITM made the day for many Big and Little Buddies at their sponsored SuperCars events.

Pictured is just one great example: Big Buddy Colin and Little Buddy Nicholas at Pukekohe Park Raceway. This pair had just reached their 1 year 'match', as also described in the Hamilton News. Nicholas's mum said her son could hardly sleep that night due to replaying the thrilling events of the day in bed! Thanks to ITM for these wonderful opportunities.

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