Big Buddy was set up to develop courage, confidence and general well-being in fatherless boys through weekly male mentoring. We are a charitable organisation that is able to do this good work through the generosity of organisations and individuals like you.

Official Charities Commission registration number CC2244

Ways you can help

We appreciate the time you've taken to consider how financial support helps Big Buddy do it's job - to better the lives of fatherless boys in New Zealand we really do need your help. Thankfully, there are many ways for you to get involved in growing funds for this worthy cause. Here are some suggestions:

  • make a regular donation
  • make a one-off donation
  • leave a bequest
  • if you're part of a business or organisation, consider our partnership programme
  • become a supporter by promoting us at events, to friends, family and colleagues

Read more about these options and why they matter below.

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Why your help matters


We are incredibly grateful to all our donors. Large or small, your donations help us to continue, and expand on, our program of encouraging confidence and happiness in the lives of fatherless boys through mentoring.

Partner with us

Big Buddy has had the pleasure of working with many philanthropically-minded businesses and organisations. Staff fundraisers, auction items, pro-bono work...these are just some of the ways business can support our work.

Leave a Bequest

Once your loved ones are taken care of, a gift in your will towards encouraging happiness in fatherless boys is a wonderful legacy. We are so grateful to the members of the community who have chosen to make this commitment.

Support us

Want to bring people together and fundraise or spread the word for a worthy cause? Look no further. Here are some ideas based on past and current initiatives:

  • Start a Give a Little campaign, hold a fundraising lunch or a social club raffle
  • Use your marketing channels or valuable connections to promote Big Buddy
  • Follow us on Facebook or Linked In and share our stories

If you'd like to contribute some time and energy to this worthy cause either fill out our general enquiry form or email our Partnership Manager, Lettie Bright, or phone 021 818 307.

Fund us

As a charity, we must apply to philanthropic trusts and other organisations for grants, even though we enjoy a wide range of sponsors, partners and donors. We offer heartfelt thanks to these organisations for their decisions to fund Big Buddy on our Funders page listing.

If you know of a fund or trust that you feel we should apply to please email our fabulous Fundraiser, Russell Joyce at [email protected]

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Will you support us?

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