About Big Buddy

About Big Buddy

The seeds of Big Buddy were sown in 1997, when a group of men decided to reduce the number of at-risk boys growing up without father figures. They succeeded! Big Buddy has now matched over 1000 Big Buddies with Little Buddies in four cities.

What is Big Buddy?

Big Buddy is all about encouraging confidence and resilience in the lives of boys without a father around.

To achieve this, we recruit good guys from the community to spend time with boys aged between 7 and 14 years. Everything we do is designed to better the lives of boys whose dads are absent, by giving them a trusted Big Buddy to spend time with and look up to.

The safety and happiness of our boys is paramount. Therefore our Big Buddy screening program is known to be the most discerning of any agency or club in New Zealand. Our team covers the greater Auckland region, Hamilton, Tauranga and the Wellington region, with expansion plans for Christchurch in 2021.

How does Big Buddy operate?

After starting under the wing of mens' organisation Man Alive in 1997, Big Buddy became an independent charity in 2004 and a stand-alone registered charity in 2008. It is governed by the Big Buddy Mentoring Trust, comprised of four trustees, as shown our Team page. Our organisation is also supported by the fundraising efforts of the Big Buddy Foundation: members include Chair Jeff Meltzer, Grant Fox, Roger Moses, Travis Field, Mark Talbot, Clare Wilson and Grant Porteous.

For 15 years, Richard Aston was CEO and took the organisation from a fledgling social agency of two, to a highly respected charity of over 15 staff and contractors. Paul Burns took over in August 2017 and continues to grow the Big Buddy reach and reputation.

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What's the next step?

Are you a mum or carer looking for a mentor for your boy? Are you a man who is interested in becoming a mentor? Find out more right here.

Our vision

Big Buddy envisions a community in which every boy experiences a nurturing one-to-one relationship with at least one adult male. Our highest vision is that every boy without a dad in their lives in New Zealand will have a good male mentor to guide him into adulthood with true self-worth. This will support him to make positive life choices and live a life of purpose and meaning as an involved member of our community.

What's the next step?

Contact us to take the next step in becoming a mentor and changing lives.

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