Buddy Up with Big Buddy

Buddies make a positive difference.

When a boy is matched with a volunteer Big Buddy something magical happens and the lives of the Little Buddies, the Big Buddies and the Mums and carers are changed forever.

How it works

Big Buddy makes a positive difference to boys without a dad in their lives. We match volunteers, good guys from the community, with boys aged between 7 and 14. The Big Buddy relationship offers friendship, support and a good male role model. Big Buddies turn up, spend time with their Little Buddy and come back again and again, it's simple and it works.

There are many reasons why a boy might not have his father in his life and this absence can strongly impact them. Research shows that boys growing up without a male role model are more likely to struggle with anxiety, feelings of abandonment and reduced emotional security. At Big Buddy, we focus on the fact that boys develop resilience, build confidence and make better decisions when they have a positive male role model.

A volunteer Big Buddy and Little Buddy enjoying time together

The benefits of a Big Buddy match

Every day we see the positive difference that our volunteer Big Buddies have on the lives of the boys they are matched with. This regular contact and genuine interest in a Little Buddy’s life provides a real anchor for him as he grows up. Mums and caregivers report that their boys' confidence grows, and they smile more. The difference is simple, but profound.  

“My son has a Big Buddy and I couldn't speak more highly of this organization. They are making real differences in the lives of so many young boys. I adore the happiness and confidence  that our Big Buddy brings to my son.”

Little Buddy mum, Lianne.

Sarah and Koria

We know that a Buddy match can also change the life of a volunteer Big Buddy too.  The men tell us of the enjoyment they get from building their relationship and spending time with their Little Buddy. They get to revisit the fun of their own childhoods while getting immense satisfaction from knowing they are able to have a positive impact on a boy's life.

"Big Buddy is definitely one of the best things that has happened in my life. It has given me a new direction. Even though I have children of my own, this is a whole new way of looking at life and one that I totally embrace and enjoy. I couldn't recommend it more, to all men out there"

Big Buddy, Gavin Sheehan.

Darrell-George1 CROP

And we know that the Mum’s and carers also benefit from a Buddy match. They tell us the joy they get from seeing their boys happy, gaining confidence and growing into good young men. They often also report that their relationship with the boys changes in positive ways as the boys learn the value of their connections. And some are even able to take a little bit of time once a week for themselves.

“When I signed my boys up to Big Buddy, I thought they would learn manly stuff but my
perception of manly stuff changed. It’s not about fixing things and building stuff (although they do sometimes do that), it’s about turning up, caring for each other, being there through good times and bad, cheering each other on, and spending time together.”

Little Buddy mum, Laura

Albert and Sam having fun

Time together

Together our Buddies enjoy the simple things in life - walking the dog, throwing a ball around, going fishing, watching rugby, just everyday things that they want to do together.

Big Buddies turn up, spend time with their Little Buddy and come back again and again, it's simple and it works.

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