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You can make a positive difference

Big Buddies make an invaluable, positive difference in a boy's life. Increased confidence and self-worth leads to personal stability and sound decision-making, improving many lives in the process. You can make this change by applying to be a Big Buddy today.

We truly appreciate you considering making a positive change in a boy's life.

Should you go ahead and apply, you'll be joining hundreds of men who were once on the brink of making the same rewarding decision. Thank you for coming this far.

Once you apply to become a Big Buddy, they go through our carefully developed screening process which determines if this is the right path for you. This takes about 8 weeks. When you're accepted as a Big Buddy, our Mentoring Managers will match you with a Little Buddy; this process is based on a combination of personality, knowledge, negotiation and intuition.

All going well, Big Buddies then commit to meet with their Little Buddy on a weekly basis, for at least one year, notwithstanding a 3-month trial period that is beneficial to all concerned. During your first year as a Big Buddy you’ll get plenty of contact and support from both our Mentoring Managers and other Big Buddies..


Time together

Big Buddies and boys develop really wonderful relationships. To help get these started, we suggest you plan some outings with your Little Buddy. Other Big Buddies tell us they do anything from going fishing to visiting a second-hand bookshop, to watching a basketball or rugby game.

You'll usually pick your Little Buddy up from his home and then set out to explore the world in whatever way you like... within reason! We are frequently told that sometimes the best thing to do is to get in the car and ask your Little Buddy, “So where do you want to go?”

You are not there to entertain your Little Buddy; you’re there to share who you are, so he can learn more about who he is, and who he wants to be. These boys highly value the one-on-one time they get with you; the fact that you just turn up makes a massive difference to their lives.

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