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You can make a difference.

Volunteering to be a Big Buddy will make an invaluable positive difference to a boy's life.

Are you ready to volunteer and change a boy's life?

We truly appreciate you considering volunteering, so thank you. By giving your time you will make a positive difference on a boy which will affect his life for years to come. 

With the support of a good man, we know that Little Buddies grow in confidence and self-worth. They become happier and make better decisions as they grow into young men. All these changes have a positive impact, not just on them, but all those around them. 


How it works

As a Big Buddy you would meet with your Little Buddy for 2 to 3 hours every week. It’s simply spending time together that makes the difference, not so much what you do. Just being a reliable man in their life is what it's all about.

You are not there to entertain your Little Buddy. You’re there be ‘there’ for him. To share who you are, so he can learn more about who he is, and who he wants to be. Your Little Buddy will value the one-on-one time they have with you and the fact that you come back, again and again, will make a massive difference to him.

We suggest you discuss and plan outings with your Little Buddy. It doesn’t have to be anything very grand, simple things where you spend time together. Big Buddies tell us they do anything from going fishing to visiting a second-hand bookshop to watching a basketball or rugby game or just going for a walk.

You'll usually pick your Little Buddy up from his home and then set out to explore the world in whatever way you like... within reason! We are frequently told that sometimes the best thing to do is to get in the car and ask your Little Buddy, “So what shall we do today”

What to expect when you sign up

The safety and happiness of all our Little Buddies is paramount to our success so all men who apply go through a comprehensive selection process.  This process is known to be one of the most rigorous of any agency or club in New Zealand.  

The screening takes about 6-8 weeks from receiving your completed application form and attending an induction training evening. Before you apply please read about this process and ensure you are happy to undertake each stage. Every man has to go through this process.

The potential Little Buddies and their carers also go through a screening process to ensure Big Buddy is right for them and their needs. 

And finally, if you are accepted as a Big Buddy you will be matched to a Little Buddy that we feel is the best match possible for both of you. Big Buddies then commit to meet with their Little Buddy on a weekly, mainly weekend, basis for at least one year (there is a 3-month trial period). 

On-going support.

During your first year as a Big Buddy, we ensure you are fully supported by our team.  You will get regular check-ins and are invited to bi-monthly meetings where you meet with other Big Buddies. During these sessions, we provide a range of educational programs designed to help you grow in your role as a Buddy and the opportunity to discuss how things are going with your peers. 

And of course, at all times your programme team are only a phone call away to discuss any matters, or simply catch up with how things are going.

Richard Stoks and Matthew
Breet Lake and Jack
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