LB happier in just one month

LB Mikaere (12) and his BB Tony

Although they have only been partnered a month LB Mikaere (12) and his BB Tony’s relationship has already made a significant impact.

image003The two have been on a few outings together, spending weekends having adventures and learning new and exciting skills. Learning how to snorkel at the local pools, in the hopes of building up Mikaere’s confidence and snorkelling skills to potentially later down the track go diving with his Big Buddy.

Mikaere’s BB, Tony explains: “I know Mikaere’s mother has enjoyed seeing her son having some simple fun and coming home drained of his 12-year-old energy! Each time we hang out, I am seeing small incremental changes in Mikaere in the way that he initiates conversation and how he engages me on everyday type conversational topics”.

image002The pair also took their mountain bikes to Eastbourne to ride the Burdans Gate 4WD track to Pencarrow, where they had some home cooking on an open fire, looking out on the bay. Sometimes it’s the little things that bring the most joy; spending quality time together with nature and some sausages on an open fire has got to be one of them. 


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