Bridging The Gap Between Young and Old

LB, Codey Dixon (15) and BB, Brandon

Being a part of the Big Buddy program has not only provided the means for confidence and adventure but it has also bridged the gap between young and old. LB, Codey Dixon (15) and BB, Brandon were matched early 2014 and have never looked back. They have been on many adventures together: biking, kayaking, jet skiing, and even climbing to the top over Mount Hector at night in the wind and the rain, unable to see past their head torches.

But it is the everyday tasks that also mean a fair deal to the pair, as BB Brandon explains.

“Last weekend, my Little Buddy helped me move a heavy stone birdbath, and he drove the tractor, and helped me level the ground at the new site with a spirit level. It reminds me of when I used to help my father in the garden”.

Codey’s grandmother, Ruth, got involved with Big Buddy because she felt that Codey needed a role model of his own, someone that was there for him. And even though she would have been up for the adventure, Ruth adds, “as a boy and getting into teenage years, I think it’s better for him to do things with a man rather than his Nana!”

Big Buddy has not only helped grow and mature Little Buddies, it has also helped keep older Big Buddies in touch with young people. As Brandon explains, “At a time in our lives when we don’t have that age group in the family, it gives us a better understanding of the challenges facing youth in our current society, be it social-media bullying, or the prevalence of rubbish on the internet, the need for discernment, avoiding addiction to video games, and making better choices with their free time. It makes us feel useful, if we can impart some wisdom to our Little Buddy.”

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