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Our amazing Big Buddy Chairman of the Trust Travis Field has been a member of our board for 11 years. We thought you would like to learn a bit more about him.

In addition to chairing Big Buddy, Travis leads a busy life running his popular neighbourhood bar and eatery Fantail and Turtle at Smales Farm. (2021 finalist for Best Bar nation-wide Hospitality Awards for Excellence). We asked Travis what has kept him at the helm for so long.

What has kept you involved with Big Buddy for such a long time?

It’s such a simple but beautiful idea. A Big Buddy for a boy without a Dad present. By just showing up, having fun, and caring, the impact on the boys is amazing.

How did you get involved?

My best mate Troy (Turtle) found out in his late 30s that he was dying and that he would be leaving his twin 8-year-old sons without a Dad. Troy managed to get a Big Buddy before he passed which gave him a lot of comfort. I was in awe of the charity and asked if I could help.

Is that where the name Fantail and Turtle came from?

Yes, Troy sadly died 14 years ago and by naming Fantail and Turtle after Troy, I feel like I still get to have a beer with him when I sit down at the bar. Fantail is my nickname – I am quite a social person.

What have you seen at Big Buddy?

I’m not at the “coal face” but I love going to the Big Buddy Big Day Out and seeing the playfulness, joking and goofiness between the Big Buddies and Little Buddies

Why do you think Big Buddy is doing a good job?

Big Buddy is a fence at the top of the cliff. Men are over-represented in bad mental health, violence, incarceration, and suicide statistics. A good man showing up at a pivotal time in a boy’s life is medicine to prevent those statistics and to create a happy, healthy man for our country.

Anything to add?

Men, look out for the boys without Dads in your community. Take them to a sports game, fishing, or to walk the dog. You wouldn’t believe how great it feels and can’t comprehend the difference it will make for that boy to “be seen”.

Fantail & Turtle is a Major Partner to Big Buddy and we would like to thank them for their continuing support of Big Buddy. To find out more about Fantail & Turtle click here.

If you’d like to make a donation to Big Buddy and help us continue making a difference click here. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Big Buddy click here to find out more.

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