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Young boy with life jacked at the steering wheel of a bot on a sunny day

The new boat-sharing company Skipperi contacted us recently with a great idea. They wanted to support some of our Little Buddies by offering a fun-packed day out on the Waitamata Harbour, so we jumped to it!

We invited 12 special Little Buddies along. These boys are on our waiting list, waiting to be matched to a Big Buddy. Unfortunately, we always have a waiting list, but we wanted to ensure they knew they weren’t forgotten.

The boys all met up harbourside, looking shy and rather anxious as this was their first time out with Big Buddy, but that didn’t last long. Once the boys met each other, the Big Buddies and the Skipperi boatie volunteers, they started to relax. They soon got busy in the sunshine learning essential boating skills – from knot tying to staying safe at sea. Then it was all aboard, and they set off on a couple of Skipperi’s Haines Hunter SF545 boats to enjoy time out on the water. When they got back to shore, the boys whanau joined us for a delicious BBQ and an excited chat about the day.

“My son was a bit shy at first but absolutely loved it. In fact, he said that he would now like to be a captain of a ship when older.”

Little Buddy Mum Natalie. 

This was the first time we had taken boys from our waiting list out, and it was wonderful to see the difference in them after just a few hours in the company of some good guys who were there just for them. Their initial nervousness had been replaced with lots of smiles, laughter and camaraderie. 

“It was an amazing day! A big thank you to everyone involved for making it happen. When I left the marina on Sunday afternoon, I was thrilled to witness the boys’ transformation throughout the day, clearly relishing every moment.”

Alex Rosenthal, Skipperi Director

We can’t thank Skipperi and their staff enough for this great day out, they certainly made a day to remember for a group of very special boys.

Skikpperi Loog

Skipperi is transforming how New Zealanders enjoy boating. As a boat-sharing company, they make boating simpler and more affordable, providing an easy way to explore the breathtaking waters of the Hauraki Gulf and beyond. With hassle-free boat rentals, Skipperi ensures that boating becomes accessible and enjoyable, changing the way people experience affordable and enjoyable boat trips. Find out more about Skipperi by visiting our website:

If you know of a company that may like to give some Little Buddies a special day out we would love to hear from you, simply send us an email at: [email protected]

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