Becoming a Big Buddy

Every boy without someone to call Dad deserves a positive male role model to spend time with. In just a few hours each week Big Buddies help boys grow confidence, self-worth and the ability to make better life choices. If you'd like to make a difference, apply to become a Big Buddy today.

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When you become a Big Buddy you are making a huge difference to the life of a boy whose father is not around. But in supporting him, you are bettering the life of his family, community and even his future.

Our Big Buddies are kind-hearted men of good character, who give their time graciously. Our Little Buddies cherish this regular time spent with them, and mums and caregivers report boys are happier and more confident as a result.

It's all based on a simple philosophy of being there; our Big Buddies simply show up, spend time, and come back.

Jonathan and Kevin fish n chips picnic

Ready to make a difference? Have a quick look at our checklist then hit the red button.

  • You have a drivers licence
  • You have a kind heart and the time to share it for a few hours each week
  • You live in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga or Wellington

Making a positive difference for over 20 years

Big Buddy has been matching Big and Little Buddies since the idea began in 1997. Under what was then ‘Man Alive’, social workers realised that the majority of men on the wrong side of the law had grown up without any father figure. To prevent the repetition of this social problem, Big Buddy was born.

By mid 2018 we had matched over 800 Big Buddies with Little Buddies to create a feeling of confidence and value in a boy’s life, simply by being there.

A young man now, one-time Little Buddy Jordan was matched with Big Buddy Nathan for years. Jordan now has his own children, but he and Nathan are still in touch. Watch the video and hear about mentoring from a boy whose life it really changed.

Mentoring changes lives

"Big Buddy is definitely one of the best things that has happened in my life. It has given me a new direction. Even though I have children of my own, this is a whole new way of looking at life and one that I totally embrace and enjoy. I couldn't recommend it more, to all men out there ..."   Big Buddy Gavin Sheehan

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