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As our Principal Partner, GJ Gardner Homes (New Zealand) has had a far reaching and positive impact on the business of better boys' lives. While the Big Buddy Big Auction provided a really solid example of their generosity, they have also influenced many more businesses and suppliers to think in the same way.

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Building better lives for boys

In 2015 an idea was coined with GJ Gardner Homes, to build selected houses and give the profits to Big Buddy. In August 2017, homes in South Auckland and Hamilton went under the hammer, collectively generating over $300,000 for Big Buddy.

This give-back project took the form of a partnership with building supply giant ITM, supported also by numerous suppliers whose time was donated to better the lives of boys without dads around. This generosity can be seen in the boards below.

Branded as the Big Buddy Big Auction, the project paid for the opening of the Hamilton office. It also assisted our Auckland office to expand into South Auckland as far as Franklin. This has made a big difference to boys and their families in those areas. Collectively, we now have matched over 20 Big and Little Buddies in those particular areas.

GJ Gardner also ran a series of ads with media personality Simon Barnett and a happy collection of Big and Little Buddies. Have a look at the full length advert top right.

To understand more about our philosophy of partnering with business to better boys' lives visit our Partners page here. 

01092017 News Photo: Mark Taylor /STUFF NZ. Brian King - GM Harcourts Hamilton Profits from the auctions of two new houses will help out fatherless boys. After 12 months in the works ,two GJ Gardner houses in Hamilton and Pukekohe will go to the highest bidders with the proceeds donated to Big Buddy, an organisation that matches young boys with role models.

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