Celia Lashlie’s posthumous book launch

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Last night, BB CEO Richard Aston and Ruth Kerr attended the launch of the 10th anniversary edition of Celia Lashlie’s ground-breaking book ‘He’ll Be OK’.

The new book includes lots of practical advice for mothers around raising their boys to become “good, loving, articulate men”. It was humbling to watch an interview by investigative journalist Amanda Millar with Celia just days before her death in February this year.

Despite her imminent death, Celia was still full of passion about boys and mothers, advising mums to: “Stand your children in front of you. Your primary role, if you’ve had children, is that you’re a mother. Look at your children and make your decisions about your children on that basis.”

Well, our mums know plenty about doing that!

Richard’s tribute to Celia is in the book: “Her advice to mothers to ‘get off the bridge’ and allow boys to grow up through experiencing risk was radical but right – someone needed to say it and that someone was Celia Lashlie.” RIP Celia – you contributed much to the world. Ruth – Media Coordinator

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