The Big Buddy Selection Process

Selecting volunteer Big Buddies

The safety and happiness of all our Little Buddies is paramount to our success, so all men who apply to be a Big Buddy volunteer go through a Screening Process. Before you apply it's important that you understand this process and its importance.

The Selection Process

The Big Buddy screening process is one of the most rigorous of any agency or club in New Zealand. However, don’t be put off. By being thorough we are able to ensure that you are right for Big Buddy and we are the right organisation for you. We aren’t looking for a superhero.  We are simply looking for good guys from our community who care. 

But as you will understand, we cannot take even the smallest risk with the safety and well-being of children, so this process is regimented and well thought out. It provides assurance for our entire community: mothers and carers, sons, Big Buddy volunteers, sponsors, funders, donors, and our team here at Big Buddy.

The Process

Once you have registered your interest in becoming a Big Buddy we will be in touch for an informal chat.  If you are still happy to apply we will send you a comprehensive online form to fill in. From that point our Selection Process begins, this takes 6-8 weeks to complete. During this time a number of steps are required:

  • You will attend an induction training evening (2-3 hrs). This will explain in detail what is required, the mentoring skills you will need and a boy's development needs.
  • You will need to fill out a general questionnaire about all aspects of your life
  • You will need to read and sign our Big Buddy Volunteer Agreement, Code of Conduct, Activity Risk Assessment Document and Child Protection Policy
  • We will check your character references and talk with your partner or spouse if applicable
  • We will complete a Police Check
  • We will hold a face-to-face interview with you at your home 
  • We will gain a completed medical questionnaire from your doctor
  • You will attend an interview with our Clinical Assessor

At this point, all the information collected is appraised by a Big Buddy Senior Programme Manager and your application to volunteer will be assessed.

Volunteer Big Buddy Blair and his Little Buddy Linus
Big Buddy, how we screen mentors for boys

The Matching Process

The Matching Process is an exciting time here at Big Buddy.  During this stage, our Mentoring Managers work to find the 'right' Little Buddy match for you. When we think we have one we will discuss it with each party and if it sounds right to everyone, an initial meeting is facilitated by one of our team.  Then both parties make a decision on if the match is right for them. Once a match is made you are officially paired with a Little Buddy and you will start weekly meetings.

Ongoing Support

The first 3-months are considered a trial period for everyone. During this time you will be supported by your dedicated Mentoring Manager who will have regular check-ins with you. And you are encouraged to attend our Mentor Support Meetings where you meet with other Big Buddies. During these sessions, we provide a range of educational programs designed to help you grow in your role as a Buddy and the opportunity to discuss being a buddy with your peers. After the 3 month trial, our Volunteer Coordinator will look after your match and support you with ongoing resources and invitations to events.

And of course, at all times your Mentoring Manager is only a phone call away. We are always available to discuss any matters or simply catch up with how things are going.

How to apply

If you are ready to apply then thank you, we appreciate you considering Big Buddy.  To start things off simply fill in the initial application form below and we will be in touch.  


Apply now to become a Big Buddy.

If you're interested in becoming a Big Buddy we'd love to know.  The first step is to fill out the form below. Once we have your info we will be in touch.

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