A poem for a Big Buddy

Gavin and Jeffrey cropped

If you don’t yet realise the impact that mentoring makes on the life on one Little Buddy then cast your eyes over this poem, written some years back by LB Jeffrey, for his stalwart Saturday sports companion, Big Buddy Gavin.

The impact of having a Big Buddy is definitely not lost on mum – in fact, all her four boys have Big Buddies. She kindly sent it in to us when Jeffrey was just 11-years-old.  Well done Jeffrey, and well done Gavin for being there!  This is what mentoring is about.

Me and my Big Buddy Gavin


Gavin is always at my games
And watching from the sideline
As he cheers me on
He watches me for quite a long time
As he talks while I’m playing
He looks like a mime
Waving his hand
And talking to me
After we get a tasty bite
It is always a tasty delight
He takes me home
Then I wait for the next week
As we do it all again

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