Four years on, a mum shares her gratitude

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From time to time, we share letters with you that have great meaning straight from the source, In this case, it’s an update from a very grateful Little Buddy mother.

” River has just got back from his three-month exchange in Germany and will be seeing Trevor over the weekend. They’ve been hanging out every single weekend for almost four years now. River learned a lot from Trevor: diving, swimming, fishing, playing table tennis and badminton, tramping, biking, drawing—the list goes on and on. Trevor was present in our citizenship ceremony last October and was there at the airport when River left for Berlin.

“As a single parent, there’s this fear and perpetual insecurity of never being enough and something could go wrong quite easily because the other parent is gone. Big Buddy has changed all that in showing that there is enough love and care to go around; and that the whole community has a special role in bringing up the children. Big Buddy is a brave, revolutionary and transformative social programme.

“River’s surely found an excellent role model in Trevor. River is turning 17 this June and what he picked up from Big Buddy he will bring with him into the future.”

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