Call for mentors in the Capital

Jonathan and Kevin fish n chips picnic

A national organisation that finds mentors for fatherless boys says that after 20 years in the business, they’re still looking for men with a kind heart rather than a saintly disposition.

The message is vital for an increasingly busy Big Buddy, a charity that has just added a Hamilton post to its Auckland and Wellington bases.

Right now, in Wellington, increasing interest from mums and grandmas who valiantly raise boys without a father figure means the area’s usually fulsome list of mentors is dwindling fast.

Area coordinator Dave Burcher says men who can spare 2-3 hours a week to share with a ‘Little Buddy’ should know they don’t have to consider themselves perfect in order to pick up the phone.

No one knows this better than Wellington mum, Laura Virgo. Nine-year-old son Jonathan was ‘matched’ with his Big Buddy Kevin Stevens 3 years ago (pictured). She explains why it is so important that men with something positive to offer don’t fear the chance to share it…

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Call for mentors in the capital

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