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Here’s a great reminder of what Big Buddies do best, from the 2016 archives: 

A year is a long time in a 13-year-old boy’s life and a lot can happen. Especially if you are LB Mikaere and go on all sorts of adventures around Wellington with BB Tony. Here’s a report from the mentoring field from Tony, who has been matched with Mikaere for exactly a year:

“Over the summer break we went fishing on a charter. In addition to catching all sorts of fish, the boat skipper also allowed Mikaere to steer the boat on our home journey. He was pretty chuffed.

“We have also used the great weather to explore some of the local mountain bike tracks. We like to banter each other on our bike rides – like who can ride the fastest, who can do the biggest skid or come the fastest down a hill haha! I’m closing in on 40 but to relate to boys, I believe its just as important to display a child-like fondness for life as it is to impart maturity.

“Mikaere has also started his first year at St Bernard’s College this year. I was able to attend the school’s Open Day on the first week to support Mikaere. Chatting to Mikaere after the welcoming assembly, he said he was still getting used to being at college. I said to him I remember quite a bit about my first year at college and that like him, I was also nervous being around older kids. I reassured him that as the year kicks on and as he becomes more familiar with college life, he will become more comfortable with his new environment. Just like I did and many other boys do.”


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