Gabriel and Greg side by side since 2010

LB Gabriel

Having a Big Buddy is knowing there is always someone in your corner. LB, Gabriel (11) and his BB, Greg have been matched since 2010 and have been quite the pair since. Losing his father at a very young age and having two adult siblings who live abroad, Gabriel’s mother, Gay thought it very important that Gabriel had a male role model in his life. So luckily, when she spotted Big Buddy in her local paper, she knew getting a Big Buddy was the right way to go.

Like many other Big Buddy matches, Gabriel and Greg have a lot of adventures together. They are currently building solar panels on the roof to power Gabriel’s computer!

“It’s just something we experience together rather than something we talk about; as guys we’re all about facing out to the world rather than facing inward and talking about our feelings,” says BB Greg.

But not only is having a Big Buddy an opportunity to have someone to be adventurous and exciting with, it’s also a support system – someone to be by your side when you need it most.

“When Gabriel was very ill with a ruptured appendix last year, Greg would visit him in his lunch hour, which helped to break the monotony. I appreciated it very much because it’s hard when you are a single mum without relatives to turn to,” Gay says.

“Gabriel has someone with whom he can discuss all sorts of things that I know nothing about and am unable to help him with. We are always saying ‘we’ll ask Greg about that’! Gabriel looks forward very much to his Sunday meetings with Greg. It was really touching when he was younger, the way he would be excited every week when it came near the weekend. Greg is a very steadying and reliable influence in Gabriel’s life.”


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