New Zealand needs superheroes fast!

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Times are tough and New Zealand needs your help. You and your Big Buddy are the only available crime-fighting pair available. So it’s time to suit up as one of the world’s most formidable duos!

But hang on a minute…you and your Big Buddy don’t have anything to wear!

In fact, if your Big Buddy was a superhero and you were his superhero sidekick, what would you even look like?

Would you be smaller than your Big Buddy…or bigger? Are you a person, or do you transform into an animal, robot, alien or all of the above? What about him?




There are no rules to this exercise! Open your mind, your pencil case, and come up with the winning entry in this Superhero & Sidekick Drawing Competition.

Why not use April to get your creative juices flowing? Entries can be submitted in pencil, crayon, pastel, felt tip and even paint – as long as it’s all done by hand you’re good to go.

Entries were open to all Little Buddies until April 17, but now this is extended to April 30. As of April 17, Big Buddies get a  turn to enter too! Prizes to be announced.

Email or message a pic of your amazing work of art through to [email protected] , text to 021599191 or send via Facebook Messenger @bigbuddynz .Please include your full name and age. 



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