Little Buddy Declan’s Outward Bound Journey.

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Declan and his Big Buddy Craig have been buddies for close on six years, since Declan was 13.

Now 19,  Declan still makes time at least once a month to see Craig to do things they enjoy, in the Wellington region.  

Declan says Craig has helped him through a difficult period of his life but he is most grateful for the experiences and lessons he learnt throughout their adventures.

“I can confidently say I wouldn’t be the person I am today if my mum had not signed me up for a Big Buddy.
“I have never seen him [Big Buddy Craig] as a replacement or someone that felt they had to be there for me, he was always just a friend,”

Says Declan

Most recently Craig encouraged and supported Declan to go on an Outward Bound adventure. Declan has written a beautiful account of his Outward Bound experience. Click on the below link to read more and also about Craig’s thoughts on how Declan has grown.

My Outward Bound Story

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