Big Buddy Big Day Out 2024


It’s that time of year again when we bring our Big and Little Buddies together for some fun in the sun at our Big Day Out.

So far this year we’ve held events in both Wellington and Auckland and hosted 120 Big and Little Buddies. The guys enjoyed various activities, including swimming, kayaking, cricket and, of course, our annual Tug of War challenge.

As per usual, a delicious BBQ was cooked up for everyone to enjoy, perfect for a day full of running around.

This was the first time we have invited the Big and Little Buddies families to join the fun and it was wonderful to see our wider community come together. And to finish the day, a lolly scramble for a bit of extra excitement (and sugar).

“Its such a special day. To see the strong bonds and relationships that exist between the Big and Little Buddies. There is a real sense of belonging and energy amongst the boys; they really relax, come out of their shells and just have carefree fun.”

Mark, Big Buddy Mentoring Manager

“I matched some of these boys, I feel a real sense of pride to see them so happy with their Big Buddies.”

Shane, Big Buddy Mentoring Manager

As always, a huge thank you to our generous sponsors of this event. Wellington: Katy and her team at Pattle Delamore Partners (PDP). Auckland: Pak’nSave Manukau and Hirepool.

Right now there are around 8,000 boys in New Zealand without fathers in their lives. These boys are navigating the challenges of life without the steady hand of a father to guide them. 

With your help, Big Buddy can continue to match young boys with good men to offer friendship, support and a good male role model to look up to. 

With 130 young boys currently on our waitlist, your support today is needed more than ever. 

Your donation will help build confidence and resilience in the lives of boys whose fathers are not around.  


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