Grant Fox – Big Buddy Ambassador

Grant Fox - Big Buddy Ambassador

Grant dominated the All Black first five eighths position in the late 1980s through to the mid 90s, and was one of the most potent scorers in all test history. He is also the proud father of world class golfer, Ryan Fox.

Q: What made you decide to support Big Buddy?

When I was asked if I’d come on board and it was a no-brainer for me. I am fortunate to had a great father in my life and still do at 60 years old. When I was told about Big Buddy, it was an easy decision to lend a hand. Lessons from my boyhood have gone on to benefit me throughout my adult life. I want that for all boys.

Q: What do you hope for, for Big Buddy as an organisation?

I’d like for all boys to be able to chase their dreams. It’s about giving kids every opportunity to be as good as they can be at whatever they choose to do. In the end, the most valuable thing you can give is your time.

Q: What influence did your dad have on who you are today?

One of the most important things my father taught me was to take responsibility. From a young age I was feeding out hay to the cows in winter and lending a hand at shearing time.

Dad gave us the opportunity to try things. Often he’d let us figure them out for ourselves and be quite happy for us to make a mistake because that was the best way to learn. That taught me quite a bit of independence around making decisions.

I had a great upbringing growing up with two younger brothers on our family’s 300-acre sheep and beef holding. I loved the farm lifestyle and the small community there.

Q: About being a father to world-class golfer Ryan Fox

I am glad that Ryan has made his own way in a different sport to me and am very proud of what he has achieved chasing his dreams. But we are even more proud of the man he has become. If he had not reached the heights he has in golf, it wouldn't have mattered.

It was inevitable that he would start out being known as my son, but now it has evolved to me being the father of Ryan Fox:)


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