Jason Gunn – Big Buddy Ambassador

Jason Gunn - Big Buddy Ambassador

Jason Gunn is an iconic and well loved New Zealand television and radio personality. He launched his career with The Son of a Gunn Show, accompanied by his sidekick Thingie.

Q: What made you choose Big Buddy to help - there are so many other charities out there that would have loved to have you?

I have handful of charities I work for and they are all children-based With Big Buddy it is an easy fix, we don’t need millions of dollars, we don’t need telethons, we just need more people to know about us and what we do - how to apply to be a big or little buddy

Q: Since you have come on board, what have you enjoyed the most?

Hearing stories from Big Buddies while doing the interviews for the Hey Buddy interviews. Hearing about how their lives have changed. For many children have left home, and these guys are putting their father skills to good use again. They are ordinary blokes doing amazing things.

Q: Do you think thingie would approve?

Jase and Thingie were Big and Little Buddies back in the day, Monday to Friday -we just kept turning up so I am sure he would agree.

Q: What else is keeping you busy outside of Big Buddy? Any new projects?

I am really loving my work with Easily Said. For a lot of people being asked “could you just say a few words” is terrifying. For some reason we feel vulnerable, and we lose our key message and connection. I love helping to give people who think they can’t think, confidence. Both in the business world and privately. I love reminding people how awesome they are.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your own family and being a dad?

Gigi, our granddaughter is 18 months old, stays with us a lot, and we love it. My wife and I have four children, its’ busy time. I always say you are only has happy as you unhappiest child.

Some people can’t wait for their children to leave, I just want them to come back.

I had a bit of empty nest syndrome so I love it when they come back.

One of my sons is coming back to live with us next year.

We are a tight family, we have 10 acres so there is plenty of room. We are at our best around the dinner table, we have fun, don’t have to be anywhere else special.

The thing I am most proud of is that I think I am a good dad. It’s my greatest achievement.

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