Riding New Zealand for Big Buddy

Jamie rides New Zealand for Big Buddy

As a charity for fatherless boys, we receive all kinds of help from the community.

Here’s a great example of crowd-funding from a couple of years back, a method of fundraising that we’re always thrilled to hear about.

Jamie Bryant has grown up with the Big Buddy mentoring ethos in his blood. He’s the son of our long-time programme screening psychologist, John Bryant, and in a way lived the organisation through his dad for over 10 years.

As a result, he decided to make Big Buddy one of the charities he would raise funds for when he rode the length of New Zealand. Child Cancer was the other charity that Jamie completed his approximately 3000km epic journey for.

“It’s the first time I’ve done anything of this length and I’ll be doing it solo for the most part” he said at the outset. “I plan to sleep in tents, the occasional hostel and with kind locals and I’ll be keeping a photo blog and sharing some videos along the way. All things going well, I’ll be back in time for Christmas.”

He was indeed back in time for Christmas, and raised over $8000 of which Big Buddy got half. Anyone considering pledging money to us as the result of such a feat should check out Jamie’s Give a Little format here.


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