A curly question

boys wrestling

There’s nothing like a solid match to show new Little Buddies how it can be done.

When Wellington coordinator Dave Burcher recently interviewed seven-year-old twins whose dad had died, one of them asked how he would know Big Buddies were safe.

Dave explained the screening process in a way a seven-year-old could understand but still unconvinced, the boy asked: “But how do you know the Big Buddies won’t stab us when you’re gone?”

Mmmm thought Dave … a curly question!

“So I offered to bring a Big and Little Buddy round to meet them. Sam and Wiremu (9) came round as an example of a match made in June last year. We all sat around talking awkwardly for awhile until the twin’s mum and I decided to pop outside and give them space.

“It wasn’t long before we heard a huge ruckus coming from the lounge and when we looked through the window, the boys were rolling on the floor with Sam and Wiremu – all tumbling over each other play fighting. They’ll be just fine with Big Buddies I thought.”

Good call Dave.

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