A heartrending poem for absent fathers

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In 2013, a poem was sent in by a Big Buddy called Roger, and it still speaks right to the heart of being fatherless today. We couldn’t trace the writer, but whoever penned these verses knew the plight of boys whose fathers are not around. Quite simply, Big Buddy exists to provide ‘Jim’ with some of the comfort he’s seeking, to better guide him through life. 

“Your son….Jim.”


Can you hear me dad? You out there somewhere?
It’s me, your son. It’s Jimmy here.
It’s my birthday dad. I’m eight today.
So it’s seven years since you went away.

I don’t remember you dad. There’s no photographs.
And I don’t see your name on the cenotaph.
Though mum said you died. A long time ago.
I know you’d be a real hero.

Nan doesn’t think that’s where you are.
I heard her say, you took our car.
And Pop doesn’t talk of you at all.
He just says, ‘one day… when you’re not so small.’

I don’t know how I’ll manage dad
Your being gone makes me feel so sad.
I wish you were here. We could pass a ball
You’d see how I’ve grown. I’m pretty tall.

You could come to my party. I’d save some cake.
I’d even wait at our front gate.
Oh! and Michael’s dad taught me how to swim.

I love you dad…
your son,

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