ON THE WEEKEND: DJ, 17, and Big Buddy Phil

DJ and Phil on the Harley

I always look forward to my visits & outings with Phil. He is more like the big brother I’ve never had and I feel so relaxed with him – we go with the flow about what we do nearly every week.

Lately we’ve been doing driving lessons at the Air Force base out north-west Auckland. We have gone for lots of swims at the beach – Takapuna, Devonport, Mission bay – and we’ve been to the Sunday markets at Takapuna & Browns Bay.

Also, Phil has a old muscle car like Vin Diesel and we go around for rides, or he takes me to the motor shops to see what he needs to fix up or do up on his car.  We go back to his house to do the work after that which I enjoy. Phil also owns a Harley Davidson and we have driven it with me on the back, all the way to Pokeno for the biggest ice creams you can get in New Zealand!

Phil has also taught me how to shave.

We use vouchers to go to places through Groupon or Entertainment book. We’ve eaten at a few cafes around Takapuna, having big breakfasts that only cost $18 for two of us through Groupon. We have gone for bush walks through Little Shoal Bay and  talked about our weeks.

We go to hardware shops like Bunnings and Mitre 10 to get DIY projects for Phil’s house. I then help him fix things up -it’s always interesting going to hardware shop because he teaches me so many new things.

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