Big Buddy; straight from the horse’s mouth

LB Jaden


We all remember doing speeches in school, and we all know the best kinds of speeches are the ones about the things we like the most. So, LB Jaden chose to do his speech on his BB, Graeme, and the Big Buddy programme. These are his words:

“Hi, today I’m talking about my speech and my speech is about Big Buddy. Now I’m sure most of you or all of you are thinking, what is a Big Buddy? Is a Big Buddy a giant that is friendly to you? No, Big Buddies are all about getting together with their Little Buddies like me. We hang out and do awesome activities together like beach walks, swimming, go-karting, eating ice-cream and so much more. So basically a Big Buddy is a male role model for people like me who don’t have a father in their life. My father left my family when I was only six-weeks-old.

“My Big Buddy’s name is Graeme and I met him when I was only 7 ½ years-old. We have been together for almost 4 years now. Big Buddy has been running for 18 years, starting in 1997. Big Buddies are when men from the community volunteer and are matched up with fatherless boys aged 7-14.

“I catch up with my BB Graeme once a week. There are also other events like the most common Big Buddy Day Out and Ferrari Day. Big Buddy Day Out is where Big and Little Buddies meet up at a place and do cool activities like water skiing, lolly scramble, sausage sizzles, and games like soccer/rugby and a truck load more. It is also about meeting up with other Big Buddies and also Little Buddies too.

“Now finally Ferrari Day – it is the best event in my opinion because it does not just have a sausage sizzle, we get driven in all types of Ferraris, driving us around a race track, driving over 150km per hour so hold on! Thank you for listening to my Big Buddy speech.”


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