Big Buddy Day Out – The Annual Tug-of-War Challenge

Thanks to an inconveniently timed lockdown, our final Big Buddy Day Out of the season was looking very precarious

However, with a bit of determination, we were finally able to hold the Auckland day out at Cornwall Park for over 70 big and little buddies and Big Buddy staff – an extraordinary turnout!

The sun decided to show up for our buddies as they enjoyed a day full of games including cricket, volleyball, rugby, and soccer, with the traditional game of tug-of-war testing everyone’s strength and teamwork.

A slightly unexpected 2-hour challenge for the day was retrieving a frisbee that had been lost up a big tree, which became a bit of a game in itself. Luckily, the frisbee was eventually recovered in exchange for a football and volleyball which are probably still stuck in the tree…whoops!

As per usual, a delicious BBQ was cooked up for everyone to enjoy, the perfect lunch after a day full of running around; and to finish, a lolly scramble for a bit of extra excitement (and sugar).

Our day wouldn’t be possible without the help of Hirepool providing the BBQ, and Pak n Save Manukau for supplying our tasty lunch. A thank you also goes to the awesome big and little buddies for helping with lunch, and Big Buddy team member Warren for his coordination.

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