All About the Kicks

Since being matched in 2020, Little Buddy Maze and Big Buddy Paul have been busy filling their weekends with a wide variety of activities together.

Their shared love of soccer grew into a team commitment with Paul becoming assistant coach for Maze’s side. His involvement didn’t stop there either, with Paul also volunteering as a referee.

They love being active and Paul has taught Maze to ride a bike. These two also enjoy going to the golf driving range, bowling and target shooting. Sometimes they make things in Paul’s garage and other times when they’d prefer to chill, they watch movies together.

When Maze shared with his Big Buddy that he had never caught a fish, an overnight trip to Waihi from Te Kowhai in Hamilton was planned. This opportunity led to a nice big snapper. During their adventure, Maze also got the opportunity to hang out with Paul’s grown-up sons Tom and Kyle. They have a lot in common since they all play soccer and practice jujutsu. Their shared bond helped add to the camaraderie and fun that was had by all!

Here’s to many more exciting adventures, wishing Maze and his team the best of luck for this season!

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