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Big Buddy Tony Lennon has a very busy life. He is a dad to two boys, runs an IT System Integration company and 12 months ago became a wedding celebrant.

Generously, Tony uses the aptly named Good Karma Wedding guy to support Big Buddy.​

“I absolutely love the experience of being a celebrant – for me its about the experience and privilege of being involved in such a big day in someone’s life and making sure its stress free and easy. Donating to Big Buddy is about giving back,” he says.

Tony has been a Big Buddy for 2.5 years to William, who is now 16. “I was interested because I have two boys of my own, and I wanted to give that experience to a boy that didn’t have a Dad. I was privileged to have a great dad and I know how important it is – and I also wanted to give something back, and to do something positive,” he says.

“We keep what we do pretty simple – going to the pool, playing 10 pin bowling or a game of pool, walks, board games etc. It’s taken some time for William to open up, but he is starting to share more, and is asking lots of questions which is good. I have really enjoyed the experience – I think I get more out of it than he does in many ways, and it’s also a reminder of how lucky I and my kids have been, and not to take things for granted.”

If you’d like to make a donation to Big Buddy and help us continue making a difference click here. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a Big Buddy click here to find out more.

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