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At Big Buddy we love hearing your stories. Being and having a Big Buddy makes a positive difference, and so too does sharing some of those moments. Feel free to tag us on Facebook or/and send your own stories in here.  

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The journey to being a Big Buddy

One of our well known mentors shares the gradual journey...

Growing confidence through the spirit of adventure

Through kind sponsorship, Big Buddies occasionally get to develop their...

Gabriel and Greg side by side since 2010

Having a Big Buddy is knowing there is always someone...

Big Buddy; straight from the horse’s mouth

FROM THE 2015 ARCHIVES We all remember doing speeches in...

ON THE WEEKEND: DJ, 17, and Big Buddy Phil

I always look forward to my visits & outings with...

Join Big Buddy Gav to remember lost WWI soldiers this Sunday

Many will recognise our Big Buddy Gavin Sheehan for his...

The force forms solid foundation for mentoring

Ken Turner may have left the police force to study...

Pete’s wisdom of years perfect for mentoring Sean

Kapiti local and mentor Pete Hobbs, 72, is testament to...

From teaching men’s anger management to finding mentors for boys

While finding kind-hearted male mentors to improve the lives of...

From UK financial markets to Te Awamutu Big Buddy

Big Buddy has almost 400 mentors working with boys today,...

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